An Online Community Rooted at Home & Stitched with Nature

So many people tell me they wish they had a community of like-minded simple living people in their lives. One where they can authentically share who they are and what they love about living in rhythm with the seasons without judgment. 

How about you? Do you crave connection with others who choose to live simply and seasonally, close to nature? I, too, felt a deep longing for this kind of easy community, so I created one online to remove the limits of geographic boundaries. 

I hope you’ll join our growing collective of seasonal explorers – no matter what sweet corner of the Earth you inhabit.

Homefolk Roots is a small, closed group of folks who love to share their knowledge and have fun learning new ways to make the most of the season;  from food preservation to cooking and crafting, and so much more. 

It’s a safe, inclusive, and supportive space where you can explore and ask questions without fear of being wrong. Conversations promote self-reflection, understanding, and growth. You don’t have to worry about the performance pressure that so many online spaces can generate. In this space, you can be who you are and participate at whatever level works best for you.

Join us for $27 a season - a 3 month session.

Let's enrich our seasonal lives together this Autumn

Homefolk Roots is an online community dedicated to uplifting people who want to live a simple life at home in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Earth, wherever they live.

What You Can Expect:

Every week we will deeply explore an aspect of fall seasonal living with a set theme and guidance that leaves room for each member to make it their own.

Topics for the summer membership include:

  • Foraging
  • Creating herbal medicine
  • Using the fruits of the season
  • Simple seasonal celebrations
  • Articles and books
  • …so much more

This forum is not an e-course that will overwhelm you with more work. Instead, it’s a gentle place where you can come in quiet moments to learn more ways you might step closer to the simple, seasonal life you desire.

You can think of it as an affordable coaching program that will guide and inspire you as you take steps toward your simple living goals.

The weekly content offers a wide variety of materials to choose from – with a strong emphasis on choice. None of this is meant to be one-size-fits-all. We encourage you to try the things that resonate and light you up and leave the rest behind. This is a no-guilt zone.

Join us for $27 a season - a 3 month session.

An open journal with pressed flowers and leaves sitting on a blank page.

Beyond Search

Of course, you can always turn to Google to find seasonal crafting, cooking, preserving, and reading ideas. But, do you really want to spend precious time wading through whatever the algorithm and the ever-present paid search listings serve you?

Instead, consider joining Homefolk Roots where you can dive right into carefully curated seasonal activities, recipes, discussions, and so much more. It’s an active community where folks share their ideas, challenges, and successes.

We hope you’ll join us in this seasonal conversation where our purpose is to uplift, inspire, encourage, and enrich our lives.

What's Included:

Private Forum

A private (not hosted on Facebook) forum for community members to interact.

Snail Mail & Swaps

Members will have the opportunity to participate in swaps, get pen pals, and more, twice a month.

Group Coaching

Get specific help and guidance for your dreams, goals, and struggles by meeting up with your host during office hours in our private forum.

Live Chats

Twice a month live chats with Kathie to ask questions, get seasonal guidance & encouragement and more. (Recorded if you can't attend live)

Seasonal Guides

Ebooks and other printables to help you make the most of the season. 

Games & Prizes

To keep everything low stress and fun, we'll have games and prizes to add to the seasonal joys.

Join us for $27 a season - a 3 month session.

What Current Homefolk Roots members Say...

Homefolk Roots is a lovely little corner of the internet that I can always turn to, no matter the type of day I've had, and connect with people in a really relaxing and encouraging environment. I love the focus on going at a relaxed pace and focusing on the seasons. It's great to have a space where the focus isn't quantity. It's more about slowing down and enjoying what each season has to offer.


I have really enjoyed getting to know this community of women who strive to live intentionally and are so supportive to each other. I have made a very good friend with my pen pal and have gotten to know several other members through the swaps. It is so nice to be presented with new ideas and recipes and challenges to help me appreciate and embrace each season in all its ups and downs.


A comfortable corner where we can exchange ideas, stories, tips and a sense of community. Lots of great ideas that get the creative juices flowing, but no stress, pressure or deadlines. Everyone goes at their own pace and contributes what they can. A nice, gentle place that I'd recommend for anyone of any age and any circumstances.


I really enjoyed the knowledge and support from so many people who I didn't even know before Homefolk Roots started. I got some ideas and things to try that I didn't think of on my own or hear of before. I would recommend this to anyone that has a hankering for God's foods and a simpler life. It is hard and so worth it when you get to eat what you grew especially in the winter when the produce and fruit at the grocery tastes bland. 


I have had so much fun with this. Hearing and learning from others, as I observe. I am so new to this stuff, and the swaps are so fun as well. Like Christmas!


Thank you for taking the time to do all the things you do to make your site an accessible and comfortable place to learn and share. Your genuine thoughtfulness and the calm and inviting feel of your site is a warm and welcome departure from the norm.


Join us for $27 a season - a 3 month session.

Meet Your Host - Kathie N. Lapcevic

A photo of Kathie Lapcevic standing next to a tree.

Kathie has been an active practitioner of voluntary simplicity for over 25 years. She chose a simple path in life, which naturally led to living a seasonal lifestyle. As such, she greatly enjoys teaching others the joys of a simple, seasonal lifestyle.

Learning how to cook and preserve food from her grandmothers encouraged Kathie to do the same in her own life. Now, she is passionate about guiding people through simple, realistic techniques & recipes to cook and bake from scratch at home.

In the most recent years, Kathie’s love of gardening and plants led her to learn about safe foraging and home herbalism. She uses her knowledge of plants to help folks connect with the earth and seek better health for both themselves and family alike.

Kathie is a nationally published writer and the founder behind Homespun Seasonal Living, a blog dedicated to inspiring naturally simple lifestyles.