A drawing of a lit candle sitting next to the words 'a cozy gathering'.

With every new season comes a reason to celebrate the earth. 

As fall gives way to winter, join us for A Cozy Gathering — our first-ever virtual summit filled with expert speakers, giveaways, and access to a harvest of information and doable ideas for simple-living during all four seasons

15 speaker experts (many of whom you might know!) will present video sessions on topics of simple living throughout the seasons, preservation and eating seasonal foods, crafting, homemaking, and herbalism.

Each joyous and interactive session will bring a new sense of self-reliance, joy, and connection with one another and the earth that sustains us.

Access to the Free Summit has ended. However, If you can still purchase an all-access ticket to A Cozy Gathering for only $97. This gives you a packaged value of over $200 in eBooks and printables alone. This all access pass gives you lifetime access to all the videos and more.

Grab your favorite pair of comfy socks, a steaming cup of tea or coffee, your trusted tablet or laptop and meet us at the table for a conversation and learning together during the coziest time of the year.

Our cozy gathering will inspire and encourage you through the dark days of late Autumn until the sun returns. 

Summit Agenda

Simple & Seasonal Living Presenters

A photo of Jenn Campus wearing a purple hat standing next to a tree.
Jenn Campus of
Old Ways for Modern Days

Gettin' Hygge with It

A photo of Katharina Geissler-Evans standing in front of a green door.
Katharina Geissler-Evans of
Heiter Magazine

How to Incorporate Moments of Joy into Your Winter Months

A photo of Nicole Annette in a floral top smiling at the camera.
Nicole Annette of
Journal Junky

Writing for Renewal

Seasonal Food Presenters

A headshot photo of Angi Schneider.
Angi Schneider of

Using What You've Preserved

A photo of Jami Boys sitting in front of wooden wall.
Jami Boys of
An Oregon Cottage

Fall Meal Planning

A photo of Melissa Bining standing in front of trees.
Melissa Binig of
My Homemade Roots

Nourishing Soups

Craft Presenters

A photo of Kathie Lapcevic standing next to a tree.
Kathie Lapcevic of
Homespun Seasonal Living

Simple Candle Holders

A photo of Janet Garmen drinking from a coffee cup with mitten covered hands.
Janet Garman of
Timber Creek Farm

Crochet Mittens Tutorial

A photo of Kris Bordessa smiling with plants in the background.
Kris Bordessa of
Attainable Sustainable

Making Rope Coil Baskets

Herb Presenters

A photo of Chris Dalziel with her thumbs up.
Chris Dalziel of
Joybilee Farm

5 Herbal Teas

A photo of Val Elkhorn wearing a green hat, holding a basket of cattails in a snow covered marsh.
Val Elkhorn of
A Woodspell Apothecary

Herbal Shrubs

A photo of Amber Shehan smiling at the camera with a red flower behind her right ear.
Amber Shehan of
Pixie's Pocket

Herbal Infused Honeys

Homemaking Presenters

A photo of Heather Bruggeman sitting in front of a bookshelf.
Heather Bruggeman of
Northridge Farm

The Essential Elements of a Cozy Home

A photo of Harmonie O'Loughlin holding a toddler.
Harmonie O'Loughlin of
Flora's Feast

Homemade Fire Starters

A photo of Anna Sakawsky holding lavender springs and smiling at the camera.
Anna Sakawsky of
The House & The Homestead

Homemade, Natural Room Sprays


Summit Community

We have a private Facebook Group for summit participants to join (that info comes in your welcome email). All summit activities will be delivered by email - the Facebook group is optional but fun.

The presenters will all have live Q & A sessions during the 3 days of the summit for you to attend and ask questions.

The group will also remain open as a place for everyone to interact with like minded folks to find and share inspiration and encouragement.

There will also be a few fun giveaways hosted there as well.

Meet Your Host

A photo of Kathie Lapcevic standing next to a tree.
Kathie N. Lapcevic of 
Homespun Seasonal Living

Kathie will be your guide throughout the virtual summit. She'll host opening & closing sessions as well present on topic of routine and the simple life. She has been an active practitioner of voluntary simplicity for over 25 years while teaching and writing on the summit.